Content disappeared partially after upgrading or patching Magento

I just met the problem, that after the SUPEE-6788 patch was applied to the website or the Magento was upgraded to at least version, some stuff has disappeared from the frontend. It was really annoying, because previously it worked well. After some digging, it has turned out that the patch brought some new features, like block permissions. What does this mean? When you have a cms page or static block which contains something like:

{{block type=”directory/currency” template=”directory/currency.phtml”}}

it simply won’t show up. Besides this, you will get some error messages in system.log:

Security problem: directory/currency has not been whitelisted.

Where can it be whitelisted? The answer is simple. In the Magento backend under System -> Permissions there is a new submenu, named Blocks. By clicking on this, you will see the list of whitelisted blocks. You can simply just add “directory/currency” and make sure that “Allowed” is set to Yes, then save it. This should do the trick.


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