Uploadify with jQuery noConflict

Yesterday I tried to implement on a webpage the Uploadify 3.1. I downloaded the zip package from the official website. It didn’t contain an example code usage, this was a bad omen. Anyway, I used it before, so I could easily set up and integrate it on the page.

But it didn’t work.

The place – where the upload button should have been –  changed the mouse pointer but the button was invisible. Also I could click on it and then browse for files with it, but the file was not uploaded. I’ve searched for a while after such a bug and after spending a few hours with the search engine, I found out that Uploadify has problems when the $ function is not the jQuery. In my case the $ was the Prototype and the jQuery was the $j. In the Uploadify jquery plugin I tried to replace all the relevant $ functions with $j, but it still didn’t work.

Briefly: if $ is not jQuery, then don’t use Uploadify, unless you want to rewrite the Uploadify jQuery plugin and recompile the Uploadify flash component.

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  1. Had the same problem. Arrived to the same solution! Either that or use a previous version of uploadify.
    I know version 2.1.4 works with prototype also.

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